NANONUT; Figure-Photos, DIY


iPhone 4 Photography

iPhone 4 + DVD Drive Lens (2 of 19)

All these happened on my Table.


Muskets and the Musketeer

Tomoe Mami Nendoroid (27 of 35)
Feat. ねんどろいど-巴マミ

Mecha Shounen – Koizumi #01

Collab Project with Nutcase23 from TBE.

The Mechanization of Koizumi Itsuki: Chapter 01-3

Mecha Shounen Header 03

The Mechanization of Koizumi Itsuki: Chapter 01-2

Mecha Shounen Header 02

The Mechanization of Koizumi Itsuki: Chapter 01-1

Mecha Shounen Headed 1-1

Y x K

Michael 13 & Shishio, Y x K.

* Warning -Yuri References Inside-



ALTER’s 1/1 Reinforce Zwei


Shadow of Death

Red and White Robot with swords.



MGS Action, coming right up.


N. Snake

Puchi Puchi Snake!


Asakura Nemu



Friday Audio Quest

A Break from school resulted in an audio quest with a mate.


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