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Kick-Off! (Kagamin)

^^; Kick Off Post with some Kagamin “Touching” Action.

Some people may already have seen this at TsukiBoard @_@

I Love my Gadgets and my Figures…
One day. Whilst i was sleeping on the bus back home from school,

I had a dream of my Figma Kagami playing with my iPod >_<;

I then started to ponder… what will the effects be if I took some photos of it.

These are the effects  >_< :

Moving Along!

iPod Spotted!

First Touch!

Angled more on the left.

Taken from the back!

Giving some credit to the iPod!

You do not see no panchira! ^^; *Naughty iPod!*

“i’ll Give you a reward! don’t tell Zh3uS!”

Hope you enjoyed it! ^^;


Been listening to Perfect World, the ED of Spice and Wolf II very often… Really nice Mix and vocals.

On my Flickr Photo Stream


One response

  1. Ederuferuto

    Spicy wolf!

    August 15, 2009 at 9:51 pm

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