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Tutorial: Kagamin’s Winter Clothes

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Eternal Summer Singapore.
Humans = Feel Hot, Figures = Feel Cold…
NOT! just had some inspiration ^^;

Some shots:

^^; nice effects provided by flickr!



If you guys don’t like studio shots, you could skip this…

Boring Studio Shot 1

Boring Studio shot 3

Boring Studio shot 2

Wheres the fun if the other Kagami did not get any new clothes?

figma kagamis new clothles

figma Kagami's new clothes

Instructions for Nekomimi:

List of materials
Please note: you’ll need a coil of thread, a needle, a box of matches plus the stuff in the picture below.

Materials needed

Materials needed

Reference to refer to!

Seto Sun

Seto Sun

The Method:
Please note that some methods do not have pictures.
1 ) Snip a small piece of the plastic file, its going to be the “backbone” for the ears.
2 ) Cut the piece into the shape of the nekomimi… Make sure that there is a “Flap” to enable you to poke it into the nendoroid’s “Headcrack”

Fig 0.1

Fig 0.1

3 ) Slot the “Backbone” into the nendoroid’s “Headcrack”.
4 ) Mark out the ugly protruding points.

5 ) Snip them off – Refer to Step 2’s Picture. (Fig 0.1)
6 ) Using the “Backbone” as a guide, cut 2 pieces of Acrylic Pelt into the Triangle shapes of the nekomimi (Do not include the Flap)
7 ) Sandwich the “Backbone” between 2 pieces of Acrylic Pelts. (They should form a nice nekomimi already)
8 ) Sew along the sides of the sandwich. (Please make sure that the needle goes through all 3 layers)



9 ) Tear a fluff of the cotton wool and spread it on the middle of the ear. Use the needle to spread it out nicely.
10) Sew the cotton wool into place.
11) Light a MatchStick/Lighter and burn off all the excess protruding fluff and fur.
12) Repeat Steps 1 to 11 for the other ear.
——- Completed!! ——-

Front View.

Back View.



1st Ear completed on Kagamin.

Wheres my other Ear?!

"Wheres my other Ear?!"

Both Ears done.



Don’t ever forget who the  “猫耳のお嬢様” is!!



Pic from: Moe.imouto

Thanks for the great idea Leon Lai San!!


4 responses

  1. Winter clothes.. you really care about your figures ^^ Nice guide.

    August 13, 2009 at 5:15 pm

    • zh3us

      ^^; just wanted to see how nekomimi would look on my kagamiku…

      August 14, 2009 at 2:06 am

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