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[Ota-Life] Lamination

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Post continued from Storing Megami-es from a while back.

Lamibation (10 of 16)

We follow the action from Storing Megami-es.

Lamibation (1 of 16)

After ripping the magazines up, there is always a need to laminate them.
and that’s when these come in.

Lamibation (16 of 16)

Unpacking all the laminating materials

Lamibation (8 of 16)

Since the posters are not exactly A3 sized, i cut them so that they will fit the laminating pockets.

Lamibation (3 of 16)

Lamibation (9 of 16)

Seto’s so pretty~
Lamibation (11 of 16)

KYAA, its a flattening machine!
Lamibation (12 of 16)

Lamibation (5 of 16)

Waking up on the other side.
Lamibation (13 of 16)

Though i now have a laminating machine and some naise pockets, these 3 fold posters just can’t fit!
Lamibation (15 of 16)

Stuff when they are done.
Lamibation (7 of 16)

Lamibation (14 of 16)

All that’s left is to stick them on the wall!

//Edit v2

I use bluetack for this.
[Ota-Life] Sticking Posters (6 of 9)

Mark I

[Ota-Life] Sticking Posters (4 of 9)

Pasting the posters up.

[Ota-Life] Sticking Posters (5 of 9)


[Ota-Life] Sticking Posters (9 of 9)


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  1. Nice idea.

    August 21, 2011 at 10:59 pm

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