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[Travel] Taiwan Day #03

Gaoxiong Night Market
(Kaohsiung) – You are already dead!
<Post Scheduled on 09/09/2011>
On the 3rd day, i remained in

Hua Lian

for the day to finish up the tour around the place.
Jade Factory
Visited a Jade Factory – Yes, that is real jade and its huge!
Also visited Toroko Nature Reserve. There are loads to see here (As shown by Kodomut) but i did not even spend > 1 hour in the area before leaving for a long distance journey.
Thus the lack of pictures


The long distance bus ride took us from Hua Lian to Kaohsiung.
Gaoxiong Night Market
Where i had dinner.
Gaoxiong Night Market
Gaoxiong Night Market
Gaoxiong Night Market
Looking back now, i did not take shots of the individual shops…
Gaoxiong Night Market
Well, thats an excuse to go back to Taiwan again!
The Night Markets really sold many things.
Gaoxiong Night Market
Like Chop Sticks.
Gaoxiong Night Market
And there was even a Figure Shop!
Gaoxiong Night Market
//Sensual Stuff!
Gaoxiong Night Market

A Short day 3… Since most of the time was spent in the bus (7 hour journey)

While writing this post, i found out that i am lacking pictures! %_% not a good sign! Gotta spam more on my DSLR while travelling!

Do Stay tuned for Day 4! (Scheduled 19/09/2011)


2 responses

  1. Next time we go bring dollfie

    September 9, 2011 at 9:50 pm

  2. yes we should!

    September 10, 2011 at 6:13 am

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