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Camera Accessories in H.K.


Hong Kong is one of the best places to hunt for 1st Party Camera stuff like Lenses and 3rd Party stuff like Filters, strobes and other whatnot Camera Accessories.

This is because she is usually being used by the rest of Asia as a Port to distribute many electronic products and (2) its in China  – Where all the 3rd parties come from.

If you need some Places to Spark off your Search for Camera stuff, this post might be able to help you!

(1) Golden Computer Arcade @ Sham Shui Po MTR

Basically, Sham Shui Po is like the NEXUS of all electronics for Hong Kong. Stuff there are cheap and really. You name it, you can surely find it.

Golden Computer Arcade sells more Computer parts, but there are 1 or 2 lens shops within the complex you can take a look at.


(2) Apliu Street @ Sham Shui Po MTR

There are several Shops on this Street that sell 3rd party camera stuff.

Note: This is the place where any hobbyist photographer will actually spasm.

Filters, strobes, lightstands, lighttents, umbrellas, drop in filters, led contant lights, flashes, phottix stuff, wireless triggers, dry cabinets, tripod collars, leather cases, AF confirm chips, blowers, dry boxes, reflectors, tripods, collars, adsfadsfdasf, asfdsagfdsagadgadffhbgaefgaedgfr




AF Confirm Chips




Just a gauge on how expensive the stuff there are.

With $160 SGD, i bought:

1) 2x Drop in Filter Holders

2) 3x Step up Rings

3) 3x Drop in Filter to Lens Adaptor

4) Blowup Softbox for Flash (Small)

5) 2x Light Stands

6) 4x umbrellas for Strobing – 2x Opa, 2x Refl

7) 60cm Reflector

8) 80 cm Reflector

9) 120 cm Reflector

10) 2x Light Stand -> Flash + Umbrella Holder

11) A*E Switzerland Blower

12) Creative Bokeh Kit for Drop in Filter System

13) 2x Lens Pens

You do the Math.

(3) Mongkok Computer Centre @ Nelson Street, Mong Kok MTR

This is the place you will want to buy your LENSES.

The whole complex sells CAMERA STUFF – LENSES, BODIES, BATTERIES, even Flim and Polaroid stuff.


AS mentioned, HK is in CHINA, therefore, they resell SLR Magic lenses.


I really recommend this shop. The shop keeper’s a very nice guy whom showed me his entire collection of SLR Magic lenses.

He even asked me to try them out! Really nice dude.


Will try to uncover more Areas in HK as i go there regularly. Till then!

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