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Pina’s Mistress



The Camera Collection

Sony Collection II

Gear Updates.


Culture Japan Night’12

Culture Japan NIGHT! (6 of 41)
This happened on 12 11 12!!

Protected: AFA’12 -AFA Channel-

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AFA’12 – Festival Access

AFA 2012!!
Stuff that happened in the Festival Area~

AFA’12 Behind the Scenes

AFA 2012!!
Pictures of Empty Halls!

AFA’12 -Cosplay Stuffings-

AFA 2012!!
Oppa AFA Style?

*Pics are all from the NEX 6!! And its not Processed!


This AFA

What i’ll be doing this AFA!

The Omake Shoot

Yuzuriha Inori - Omakes!

Cosplayer: Camille Iora!

Special Thanks to @Nutcase23, @shazzsteel, @keriseikumi


Making of “Valkyrian”

Making (1 of 1)

Lights, Bricks, Action.



ALTER Selveria Bles 1-8 (2 of 11)

ALTER 1/7  Selveria Bles | Valkyria Chronicles – Gallian Chronicles