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The Friendly Countdown Dinner

Continuation to “2012“.

Much has happened since 2012…

The Friendly Countdown Dinner

Everyone has moved on 1 year ahead in their goals and life, with some dreams fulfilled more new gear obtained and new friends made.

The Friendly Countdown Dinner

Especially for WLNF, in 2012 we have seen the chairing members, @Dcal and @technie coming together and settling down as a married couple. One again Congrats!

The Friendly Countdown Dinner

I guess this might be a tradition for us already! But we gather over at someone’s place for dinner and a simple countdown (started since 2012).

The Friendly Countdown Dinner

We also talk about what’s going on with our lives and talk about what the other members are up to. In this case, @kodomut and @alafista are going to revive the Nendoroid Travelogue series which they left behind since 2010!

The Friendly Countdown Dinner

The Friendly Countdown Dinner

Within our circle, we have people moving into all woks of life (and otaku life) lol.

And Gear wise, we have changed alot too. Sensei Kodomut just recently bought a Sony RX1!

The 35mm + 35mm combo is deadly! I got poisoned myself too!

But due to its price tag, I’m going to bet my money on the Full Frame NEX System coming out next year instead.
Other Gear Purchases for me will be the SEL 10-18mm f/4 OIS and the SEL 35mm f/1.8 OIS respectively. I’m not going to buy the legendary Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG and trade the cash i saved up for 2 NEX lenses instead.

The Friendly Countdown Dinner

This year will also be the year i visit Japan for the First time! I’ve been saving since 22 August 2011! @joeltng U BETTER SAVE ENOUGH TOO!
Hopefully, “2014” will be written in Japan!

The Friendly Countdown Dinner

I have loads to anticipate this year as i recently expanded my horizons onto Cosplay Photography as well. Hopefully that will turn out well!

The Friendly Countdown Dinner


The Friendly Countdown Dinner
Thanks for Hosting us again! Kodo!

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