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Home-Made Crepes

Cooking @ Home!

Home-Made Crepes

Took some time off on a Saturday, waking up earlier to prepare the batter for come Crepes making!

Home-Made Crepes


Home-Made Crepes

Contained the Batter in a Squeeze Bottle for easier delivery of the liquid ontop the Frying Pan.

Home-Made Crepes

MMMMMM. Loads of eggs in there though.

Home-Made Crepes

Condiments to add ontop of the Crepes.

Home-Made Crepes

Cream and Sliced Strawberries. Yumnmmy

Home-Made Crepes

Also setup a studio for some product shots *Just for Fun*

Home-Made Crepes

Cheese, Sausage & Ham Crepe. Who says it only has to be sweet?

Home-Made Crepes

I think the Presentation is pretty well done, though food photography is not exactly my forte.

Home-Made Crepes

It was fun making Crepes!

All Crepe Designs by the Girlfriend: Sora Haruaki

Do you cook your own Food at Home?


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