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I’ve Moved!!

The Graveyard Stage

Silver Crow vs Black Lotus


An Electronical Funeral

Thinkpad T61p Funeral


Sousuke to Soine

Soine Kareshi - Teaser

Sousuke (Soine Kareshi) – Sora Haruaki



Home-Made Crepes

Cooking @ Home!


Taking a Walk

Taking a Walk

Happy Labour Day! Take a Breather and go for a Walk with your Loved one!


Racoon and Snacks

Boku X Inu SS

Karuta by: Miyoko-san
Watanuki by: Naoya-kun


The Battle Station

Battle Station - 090413 (Night)
Desk Dairies


NEX 6 + SEL16F28 + VCL-ECF1

Sony NEX 6 + SEL16F28

Walking around post!


Kodaka n Kobato

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Kobato by: Miyoko-san
Kodaka by: Naoya-kun

Tomodachi ga Sukunai s2 is airing!