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The Mechanization of Koizumi Itsuki: Chapter 02-1

PREVIOUSLY in Chapter 1-3



Box Configurations


The Souped up post of – “Compacting Nendos and Figmas” from 2 years ago.

AFA’ 2011 Day 2

AFA 2011 (922px Shots) (17 of 106)
No Day 1 for me as i was still stuck on a military facility on another Island!

Dollfie Dreams

Compilation Post of my Favorite Dollfie Shots.

Mecha Shounen – Koizumi #02

Neon Lab

Collab Project with Nutcase23 from TBE.


Mecha Shounen – Koizumi #01

Collab Project with Nutcase23 from TBE.

EbCraft Saber

WTS: EbCraft Saber!

[Dollfie Dream] Violin(ist) Case

Well, lately we’ve been into Dollfie Dreams.


Sorry for being dead for such a long time! – Papershot

My my my my~ I’ve been gone for soooooo long that I can’t remember how to do up a post anymore!

Anyway! This is a compilation of a couple of photos taken over time, enjoy! (If you haven’t seen them on my Flickr yet)

During WLNF chalet

Break time means figure time.

Helping Mistar Big Boss zh3us to dish out a post because he’s too busy with earning bling blings.

Wall o’ them sticky notes, and some eye candy. (more…)