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The Devil’s Love

Enma Ai (16 of 25)

Enma Ai – Jigoku Shoujo




Title Takuto


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Making Cakes (4 of 5)

Behind the scenes of “Musket and the Musketeer“.

Muskets and the Musketeer

Tomoe Mami Nendoroid (27 of 35)
Feat. ねんどろいど-巴マミ

A Silver Christmas

Gintoki Xmas 922 (9 of 18)



The Bench:

Kagami Xmas 922 (13 of 17)


Box Configurations


The Souped up post of – “Compacting Nendos and Figmas” from 2 years ago.

Ambient Lighting

Fate Header

ALTER’s 1/7 Fate T. Casual Clothes Ver.



Bakaizer (922) (3 of 13)


Emperor Nero

NERO in the Throne Room (922) (6 of 35)
Rose Petals and Feathers.