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The Making of “Stacked Television Sets”

Making of Stacked TVs (18 of 39)
Physical Water Mark!!

← Behind the Picture

Making Cakes (4 of 5)

Behind the scenes of “Musket and the Musketeer“.

[Dollfile Dream] Tomoe Mami Part 03

Making of Mami Gun (12 of 13)
Guns, Muskets

[Dollfile Dream] Tomoe Mami Part 02


Continuing from Part 01.


[Tutorial] General’s Cape


Wire Framed Cape.


Uppies for the Week 01


Tutorial: Dracula Cape

Tutorial on how to make a Figma Sized Dracula Cape!

Tutorial: Neko Collar



Im Having a Cat craze again! (Points @ NyanKoi) >_>


Storing Megami-es

Methods i use to store my Megami/NyanType Magazines as soon as I have read them.
WARNING: Involves Ripping apart the book ^^;


Tutorial: “Perfect Wife” Apron

Noticed that i have been using my Luckystar Figmas alot -.-!!

Noticed that i have been using my Lucky Star Figmas alot -.-!!

Line up!!

Lacey Apron to go!!