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[Making] Behind the scenes of NanoSeduction


How mister Kodomut does his job.

Making of his post – NanoSeduction.



[Backdate] BOT

Backdated stuff!


[WLNF] Steamboat -大会


Red, White, musumes

Mecha Soldiers of Singapore.


Poor Shiro

Random Action from the BBQ Party.


WLN&F: BBQ Gathering, June 2010

Meowth, Thats right!



Mr Yummy Curry.


Crashing at Kodomut’s

A little WLN&F Chinese New Year Steamboat fun at Kodomut’s!

WLN&F: AkiBanana

Trip down to AkiBanana – Meido Kissa!


Happy New Year 2010.

Wishing Everyone a Happy New Year. May the New year bring a whole nest of opportunities, gadgets, anime, manga, gunpla and Figures!