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AFA’ 2011 Day 2

AFA 2011 (922px Shots) (17 of 106)
No Day 1 for me as i was still stuck on a military facility on another Island!

[Event Stuffings] CGM Night 2010 -Singapore-

All Dolls Night.


Event Stuffings: AFA X

Yes, the airport.


Uppies for the Month (September 2010)


[Event Stuffings] Gundam Fiesta 2010

Gundam Fiesta 2010 @ Compass Point.


Red, White, musumes

Mecha Soldiers of Singapore.


Uppies for the Month (July 2010)

Nope. Its not a sugary sweet month here!


[Event Stuffings] Mascot Parade ’10 + CosFest IX

Stuff we did!


Uppies for the Month (June 2010)

Rants about My life for the month of June.


WLN&F: BBQ Gathering, June 2010

Meowth, Thats right!


Uppies for the Month (May 2010)

Updates for the month of May!


Event Stuffings: Anime Showdown 2010

Domos in Cans

Event: Anime Showdown 2010

Locale: Takashimaya SC

Span: March 5th – 17th


Crashing at Kodomut’s

A little WLN&F Chinese New Year Steamboat fun at Kodomut’s!

SOY’B! – Not Quite.

Mr Warrio and his Meido Pet.


Happy New Year 2010.

Wishing Everyone a Happy New Year. May the New year bring a whole nest of opportunities, gadgets, anime, manga, gunpla and Figures!