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The Making of “Stacked Television Sets”

Making of Stacked TVs (18 of 39)
Physical Water Mark!!


Modding Sessions V

Mecha Musume III (27 of 42)
Mecha Musume #05 – KagaZulu

Modding Sessions IV

KxG Header

Continuing from Modding Sessions 1.

Modding Sessions II




I’m here again, after long time no post.

Review Figma BRS in studio shot


AFA’09 -The DC x GSC Experience.

My Version of the many posts in the interwerbs.

The School’s Library

Nanoha-Chan explores the school’s Library!


Meetup: Blending

Lovely! Just Lovely!

Lovely! Just Lovely!

Went to an Awesome Gathering that LEon Organized ^^;


The Clarke Quay Aftermath.

Part 02 of Mecha Musume Outdoors.


Mecha Musume 01

What happens when a Gun-Pla drops from a high height and smashes in pieces?

-> Combine them with figmas and make a Mecha Musume!